The New Zealand Fringe Festival, based in Wellington and held every year in late February/early March, is a community based open-access festival providing the most concentrated mix of new talent across all arts forms in Wellington.

Our point of difference from other festivals is that the Fringe Festival is completely open to anyone wishing to stage an original piece of art in any artform - there are no limits or constraints and Fringe encourages participants to take a creative and artistic risk. They pick to be part of the Fringe Festival rather than us picking them, and anyone who registers a show with Fringe and pays the registration fee has an automatic place in the Fringe programme. The Fringe organization is there to help the participants be the best that they can be under the auspices of the brand's umbrella, and the marketing and media "pull" and street "cred" that this provides.

Fringe is about grass-roots arts and culture and about emerging, developing talent, and for more than 20 years the New Zealand Fringe Festival has been providing a stage for cutting-edge creative endeavors, delivering on our legacy of being a catalyst for new and original homegrown arts and entertainment.

Fringe is recognised as a unique launch pad for the arts in New Zealand, and from Flight of the Conchords to the Lonesome Buckwhips, Rhys Darby to Dai Henwood, and Strike Percussion to Footnote Dance, the NZ Fringe has played a significant role in helping emerging artists to achieve bigger and brighter things, both within New Zealand and on the international stage.

What's CCAT

The Creative Capital Arts Trust (CCAT) is an umbrella organisation which has been established in order to facilitate the delivery of key arts events in Wellington and create a reliable resource for the emerging arts sector in Wellington.

CCAT aims to provide a professional and sustainable body delivering fresh and vibrant arts events supported by a variety of funders and engaging a wide range of audiences, both locally and internationally. The initial mandate of the CCAT will be to sustain and build the Cuba St Carnival and Fringe Festivals, providing a solid structure on which these two events can flourish, while at the same time building capability to produce other arts and creative events as the organisation grows.

The CCAT has received start-up funding from both the Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand. This has enabled the Board to engage a full-time Project Manager, Emma Giesen, to lead the establishment of the organisation. Emma has a strong background in working with non-profit organisations, both in New Zealand and abroad, and brings extensive experience and expertise in fundraising and project and event management. If you would like further information on the CCAT please contact Emma on 021 688 953 or by email on emma@ccat.org.nz

Meet the Team


P (04) 831 0581

E welcome@fringe.co.nz

Hannah Clarke, in charge of the light brigade and a Wellington theatre stalwart since departing the world of UK-based advertising on New Years Eve 2002, has been on the office side of Fringe since 2011 and could be found in the programme as an artist for eight years leading up to the switch. Fringe is ingrained in her very being. Actress, Manager, Producer, Director, Production Manager, Radio Broadcaster, Roller Derby player, Mum... she is a woman of many talents and only one height, trust her, let her lead you in the way of the Fringe.

EMMA GIESEN Producer (Fringe) / General Manager (CCAT)

P (04) 831 0581

E emma@ccat.org.nz

Emma has been converted to Fringe having previously spent her time working in the community development and environmental sectors - either travelling and working in countries near the equator, or in the deep west of Auckland. Organiser, fund raiser, bookworm, lover of all things tropical and celebratory, wife, and mother of two intensely gorgeous boys.

BRIANNE KERR Marketing & Communications Manager

P 021 165 5784

E marketing@fringe.co.nz

Bri thrives on working in grassroots theatre and set up her own freelance publicity business in 2004. Bri is an actor, theatre enthusiast, and proud god-mother and caffeine addict. This is her 13th NZ Fringe, that’s more than half of ALL THE NZ FRINGES and she hopes you to have a fantastic and fun Fringe experience.

JOSH HOPTON-STEWART Online Content Manager

P (04) 831 0581

E josh@fringe.co.nz

Josh has been in Wellington for six years now and in that time has had a gazillion career path changes, ranging from zoo keeping to wedding planning. The only constants have been theatre and Fringe. Josh is involved in two Fringe shows this year which he assures will be as awesome as his previous Fringe musical about alien abductions and herbal drug addictions. Josh is the same age as the NZ Fringe (25, baby!) and loves growing with the festival. He also has a diva kitten called Jenna Maroney who he takes way too many photos of.

SASHA TILLY Ticketing Manager

E ticketing@fringe.co.nz

Sasha has never been in a Wellington without Fringe, which is pretty bloody great, and is participating in her third Fringe with two shows (!) and as the first official Fringe Ticketing Manager. She's got a (near) monopoly of box offices in this city - if you need tickets, she can hook you up. As well as ticketing, Sasha is really good at fashion, dancing, and drinking wine, one day I'm sure she will make an excellent housewife. If she's not in the caravan, you will most likely find her in the sunshine at a bar, glass in hand.

KEELY MCCANN Production Manager

P 027 389 6998

E keely@fringe.co.nz

Pragmatic, sassy, big hair and a Hamiltonian to boot, Keely is working as a versatile, freelance production manager across the capital. A sci fi nerd and serial book addict; she speaks fluent movie quotes, whale, and embarrassing puns. While only the second Fringe for this logistics extraordinaire, she’s keen to make it an awesome festival for all involved.