Fringe Libation Lounge Sign-Up

The Fringe Libation Lounge is a late night Fringe variety chaos hosted by comedian James Nokise. Each evening will have a chance for registered Fringe shows/events to get up on stage, be interviewed, do a show teaser, throw glitter, be amazing, as well as a chance to meet and mingle with other Fringe artists.

There will be 8 acts each night, 2 of which will be a music act to close both the first and second half of the evening. Each act will be 3-5minutes in length, with the music acts being 5-10minutes (the equivalent of 2 songs). If you want to be considered for a spot, fill out the following form and we will be in touch.

Wed 5, Thu 13, Thu 20 and Thu 27 February
10.30pm - 12.30am (approx) at Rogue and Vagabond in Glover Park

NB: You need to be a registered 2014 Fringe artist to apply. Spaces are limited so selection will be based primarily on variety.

To register your interest, please fill out the Libation Lounge Sign-Up Form here!

Fringe Logos

All registered participants in Fringe 2014 are required (as per the terms and conditions of registration) to display the official Fringe Festival logo on all publicity material promoting their event(s) including posters, catalogues, fliers, and advertising etc.

Below are various versions of the Fringe 2014 logo for download.
Please note conditions of use:
Fringe logo proportions are to be constrained. You must not distort the logo - stretch, warp, etc.

On all printed material A4 and over, the logo must be a minimum 4cm wide.