Eleanor's Story: An American Girl In Hitler's Germany

Eleanor's Story: An American Girl In Hitler's Germany

Ingrid Garner

Ingrid Garner wrote and performs the internationally acclaimed, theatrical adaption of her grandmother Eleanor
Ramrath Garner's award-winning memoir, detailing her youth as an American caught in WWII Berlin.

During the great depression, when she is nine, Eleanor's family moves from her beloved America to Germany, where a new job awaits her father. But war breaks out as her family is crossing the Atlantic, and return to the U.S becomes impossible. Eleanor struggles to maintain stability, hope and identity in a world of terror and contrasts.

"Garner is devastatingly brilliant." ★★★★★ - The Advertiser

"This is a sunning piece of theatre and not one to be missed" ★★★★★ - Voice Magazine, UK

WINNER Best Theatre Weekly Award Adelaide Fringe 2015
WINNER Critics Choice Award FRINGE WORLD 2015

Theatre A Whole Lot of International Free 13+

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