Grown Ass Woman and Peter The Sober Vampire

Grown Ass Woman and Peter The Sober Vampire

Stupid Poets

Two solo shows in one hour featuring a cast of crazy characters including a vampire who's sober and a grown ass woman who's not. Sikora & Resnik (We're not a law firm) have both trained extensively in clown and have toured internationally. Their company Stupid Poets presents pure ridiculousness from Warsaw&Los Angeles straight to Wellington. Rachel Resnik is a Grown Ass Woman,and she recently wrote this show and built her first shelf. Have you ever wanted to see the real Smeagol? Then come to this show.(The camera adds ten pounds to him in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, we swear.)Peter leads a blood less life, and has recently become a licensed therapist. In this show, he runs a therapy session for the audience and all of his friends using magic tricks, poetry, and many other healing tactics.

Theatre Comedy A Whole Lot of International Free 13+

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