Kickin' Rad

How do you build #ARealNiceDay? What do you do? Who do you see? Where do you go? Why? Find the answers for yourself, make it happen, then share your day with a real nice community. An Instagram happening exploring how we embrace contentment and prioritise ourselves.

How to take part: 

  1. Follow @arealniceday on Instagram
  2. Get together the things you need to make Saturday 21 March real nice
  3. On the day, share your efforts with the hashtag #arealniceday (or just enjoy it for yourself!)
  4. Check out other people's pics and stories on the tag, or on our live feed.


Visual art Online Live Art Eye & Ear Bits Drop In Free No Restrictions

Show Schedule

  1. Duration 1440 minutes

    Price Free $0

    Instagram, Wellington

    Non-Ticketed Event

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