Stephanie Laing: Butterfingers

Stephanie Laing: Butterfingers

A Rush of Laughter

Steph drops things. And loses things, and knocks things over, and falls down a lot, and falls in and out of love like some kind of sexy love yoyo. She also once got squished briefly between a boat and a big rock.

This is a show about falling down and getting back up, and then falling down again, and trying to get up, but then noticing a bit of biscuit you must have dropped earlier, so having a little snack while you’re down there, and then getting up again and stubbing your toe on a table.

Writer for BBC, as seen on Sky One.

"An absolute gem and a brillian storyteller." (Funny Tonne, Melbourne)

"Eye-wateringly honest.  Devastating technique, with natural comic ciming and delivery." (Chortle)

Spoken Word/Storytelling Comedy A Whole Lot of International Free 18+

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