Riot! A Queer Cabaret

Riot! A Queer Cabaret

Vaudeville Ink

Wellington's strangest queer cabaret is back with two more chances to see LGBTQ+ variety delights from Aotearoa's oddest cabaret kids. We're here to spread ourselves across the spectrum of sex, gender, and good taste. Witness local talent and some special out of town guests.

This is not proper theatre, this is not high culture. Don't applaud politely.
Stomp, hoot, heckle, howl, and we'll show you something strange.
Two nights, two different shows, all sorts of oddness. Open our chocolate box, take a bite. Surprise yourself.
Will you witness poetry, burlesque, boylesque, circus, pole, juggling, live music, comedy, contortion . . . or something even odder?
With eight or more original acts each night, it's a risque Russian roulette - one bound to go off with a bang.

Whether you're "gay as in happy" or "queer as in f*ck you", Riot is bringing you some of Aotearoa's most talented cabaret kids and convincing them to expose their skills, secrets, and sleaze in a celebration of queer identity.
Each night is a different lineup, every show is a riot!
Come straddle the spectrum with us.

Circus Cabaret LGBTQIA+ Naughty Bits Free 18+

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