Artist Resources

Artist Resources

Registrations for NZ Fringe 2022 are now open

Follow the link below to set up an account with Eventotron / sign back in and choose NZ Fringe to get started. Email us at any time for support with this process.

The 2022 Fringe Festival will be from 18 February — 12 March, 2022

The artist registration period has been EXTENDED! They will now close at 10pm, Friday 22 October.

After that date, we cannot guarantee your event will be listed in the printed programme.

Register Now

A few venues have specific Fringe application forms you need to complete to be considered for them. Click on the links below to find out more info. Please note, they have earlier deadlines than we do so get in quick!

BATS - info and application form here (closes Oct 11)
Fringe Bar - info and application form here 
Te Auaha - info here, application form here (closes Oct 8)
Fringe at The Gryphon (Fat G) info here and application form here (closes Oct 13)
Roxy Live (new venue!) - info and application form here

International registrations
Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 of it all, we are not recommending artists who will need to travel from overseas in order to attend to register for live shows at NZ Fringe 2022.

We are recommending all artists prepare their events for a Covid Level 2 setting, which at the moment would restrict international travel.

However! Please stay in touch with us. If we get to a point before the festival where your travel can be guaranteed, we'd love to have your event as part of the festival and can discuss how that could work.


Keen to get involved as an artist? Here's some helpful info 

  • Please click 'REGISTER NOW' button above to be taken to our offical festival registration site Eventotron.
  • Enter your details to sign up or re-enter your previous details to log in.
  • Once you’re in Eventotron please click the link featured under ‘Artist/Producer’ called FESTIVAL & SEASONS then scroll to find New Zealand Fringe Festival and click the ‘Apply’ button.
  • You will then need to give your event a name (don’t worry you can change it later!).
  • Once you’ve submitted the event name you’ll be given the button to ‘Continue To Festival’ and this will finally open your registration portal to enter all your assets and submit once you’re all finished.

If you ever get stuck or need a hand, email us at and we'll be there to help you. 

What is Fringe?

NZ Fringe is an open access, artists-first festival, that means we don't programme any shows. Once you register and pay your registration fee you're in. It's that easy.

Why Fringe?

Why indeed. Think of Fringe as the portal for you to find your audience, and audiences to find and experience your art. We market the festival all over town with poster campaigns, bus backs, radio interviews, media coverage & more. We distribute thousands of copies of our printed programme far and wide. NZ Fringe run the ticketing on your behalf online and at our NZ Fringe Box Office. We host free forums/info sessions with industry professionals about all things Fringe life. We organise for judges, promoters and producers to come and see your work. All shows in NZ Fringe are self produced which means you'll put in some grunt work too, but we at Fringe HQ are all experienced in all things Fringe so ask us all the questions - use us to your advantage.

What do I need to register?

  • An event - or even just the beginnings of a kick-ass, radical idea.
  • A confirmed venue - talk to us if you need help finding one.
  • Dates and times - when is your event going to happen?
  • Ticket prices - how much is up to you, but remember to factor inside fees into your prices.
  • A blurb to describe your event (or idea!) - it’s good to keep it snappy, tantalising and accessible for people to understand at a glance.
  • An image for publicity and marketing - most publications won’t use images with text in them, have a browse over previous fringe programmes to see which ones stand out. (We’ve got a bunch in the NZ Fringe office. Come visit us (when it's safe to do so), have a flick through, talk through your idea with us, remember we’re here to help you!)

What kind of event can I put on?

Honestly, anything. Theatre, Visual Art, Comedy, Music, Circus, Dance, synchronised swimming...anything! (As long as it's legal.) 

The Fringe world is your own personal oyster, get munching and we're sure those omega threes will be sure to get your brain juices flowing. NZ Fringe is the space to take a risk, be a punk, get unfiltered and be the rebellious artist you dream of setting free.  

How much does it cost?

Fringe registration is tiered for different revenue possibilities:

  • $25 : Free events eg exhibition or installation + $50 bond ($75)
  • $75 : Online/streamed only events (Koha or ticketed), One off ticketed event + $50 bond ($125)
  • $150 : Unticketed koha event, pay at the door + $50 bond ($200)
  • $225 : Event ticketed under $10 and koha events requiring pre-booking + $50 bond ($275)
  • $325 : Ticketed $10.01 and over + $50 bond ($375)

All registrations pay a $50 bond that is refunded once artist reports are submitted after the festival

Inside ticketing fees (Which cover the use of Fringe's online ticketing system) are $2.50 per ticket over $10.01 and $1.50 per ticket $10 and under.

If you aren't able to pay your registration fee straight away, we can have a chat about alternate options. Email to talk it through.

How do I know which venue is right for me?

You might not, and that's cool. That's what we're here for! Do you want a regular black box theatre space? We know who to talk to. Do you need white walls and pillars? Well we can point you in the right direction. Some venues are programmed by application and some are first come first served. As always if you need a guiding light, our team are here to help 

Can I BYO venue?

You sure can! That's the magic of Fringe. We just need some key information like the name of the venue and the address. 

Are there funding opportunities for my event?

There are a few options out there for funding. NZ Fringe will offer Kākano artist support funding again for the 2022 festival and we will let everyone know if this will be available. 

Other options can include:

  • Crowd funding campaigns e.g. Boosted, Pledge Me
  • Busking or fundraising nights
  • CreativeNZ Grants
  • WCC Grants
  • Gaming trust charities
  • And more...

It's worth having a think about the fact that the pool of money for arts funding is getting smaller, while the number of amazing projects needing funding are growing. Do your research, check whether you're eligible before applying, make sure you have all the materials required to apply. If in doubt, come and chat to us, we've been through it all and know the ins and outs of funding applications.

Will you give me a letter of support for applications?

Probably! Just ask. Our Festival Director can give you letters of support or confirmation of participation.

I’m having trouble with my budget, can you help?

Sure! Contact the team, we’re happy to go through your production budget to help keep you on track.

When you register your event for a Fringe season, you'll have access to a swathe of helpful resource materials to help make your event happen. We're working on those for 2022 as we speak!