Fringe Awards

Fringe Awards

On the final day of the festival, our judges get together to discuss all the awesome events they saw and battle it out amongst themselves to choose those who will be announced at the New Zealand Fringe Awards on Sunday night following the festival.

But it’s not really about that at all, is it? Awards schmawards. 

The best part of NZ Fringe and this final shindig is the chance for us to get together and celebrate all the mahi you’ve been putting in this whole time. You made art! And gosh that’s a cool thing! So, put on your fanciest, funkiest, Fringiest GladRags, and whoop it up with NZ Fringe! 

How Do I Get A Judge To See My Show?  

If you've elected in Eventotron to be eligible for NZ Fringe Awards, we'll organise a judge for you! Easy, done. No invites necessary. If you would like to opt-out of consideration for these awards, please let us know via

What Awards Are Up For Grabs?

The list of awards on offer changes from year to year however, there are many returning awards. Here is the list from last year as a reference.


  • The Grand Design Award
  • Outstanding Solo Performance
  • Outstanding Ensemble Performance
  • Stellar Original Content
  • Momentous Movement
  • Most Promising Emerging Company
  • Most Promising Emerging Artist
  • Memorable Marketing
  • Spectacular Organised Chaos
  • Spirit of the Fringe
  • Best in Fringe
  • Most Innovative Work



  • Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award
  • The SYNZ Tour Ready Award
  • Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award
  • The International San Diego Fringe Exchange
  • The Parkin Development Award