How to Donate

How to Donate


Although Fringe is one of the most diverse multi-genre arts festivals in NZ, it has one of the smallest budgets. Run-on funding from our local city council which covers around ⅓ of or the Festivals cost, grants from gaming trusts and Creative NZ, and sponsorship from local businesses and institutions, Fringe also relies on a strong and generous group of private donors.

Private donors are real heroes to us, their donations allow the Fringe to go above and beyond our normal day to day and do really funky things like send artists overseas through our tour-ready award, or put on more artist workshops and forums. Private donations directly impact on the artists of the festival in a way that other funding doesn’t because they are in addition to keeping the lights on (though they do help us keep those on too!). And hey, what's even better is that CCAT is a charitable trust, meaning your donation, no matter how big, is tax deductable.

Now you have no excuse, so what are you waiting for? Get giving!

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If you would like to donate more or become a festival sponsor, please email Drew James -