How to Fringe

How to Fringe

Whether you're living in Wellington, or are just visiting - it's your time to join the Fringe! Check out our top tips to make the most of all your Fringe festivities.

Visit the Fringe Box Office.

Come hang out us at the Fringe Box Office. We'll be in the Atrium Exchange at 17 Allen street, Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm, 11am - 4pm Sunday- Monday. Pick up your tickets, hear about the hottest shows and get your hands on some ace merch.

Try Our Limited Edition Fringe Beer.

The super cool team at Garage Project are back with an all new flavour of "Beyond the Pale."

Grab Some Fringe Merch.

Why not grab a Fringe tote to carry your case of Fringe beer. We've got those too! Fringe merch is super limited edition, get yours online or in person at our Fringe Box Office.

Be Prepared.

Wellington weather changes fast. And Fringe artists don’t always stay in one spot during their shows. Bring a jacket, and wear some shoes you can walk around in. You never know what’s going to happen at Fringe.

Take Risks and Have Fun.

Step out of your comfort zone. Go to shows you wouldn’t normally go to. You never know, you just might discover something new about yourself. The most important part of Fringe is getting out there and having fun.

Happy Fringeing!