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Cinematic Light Orchestra - Album Release

Cinematic Light Orchestra

Award winning composer and 2022 Te Kōkī composer in residence, Callum Allardice, presents the release of his debut album Cinematic Light Orchestra. The ensemble features a traditional big band accompanied by a string section. Projected visuals by artist Erica Sklenars coalesce with the filmic soundscape for a truly immersive experience.

Cinematic Light Orchestra is a culmination of all that Callum perceives to be important in music. Lush sweeping melodies and rich harmony that pulls at your heart strings akin to what you might experience in a film score. Daring and exciting improvisation that captures the interactive nature of the music; the core of what jazz is. The union of these elements lead to one word — emotion.

This music is designed and intended to make you feel.

Film Music No Restrictions


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