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Have You Tried Audacity?

David Stuart

This is the debut solo show from award-winning Scottish comedian David Stuart. 

As a performer, David is equal parts fabulous, smart and bawdy. Expect subjects like sex education, flavoured condoms and, for some reason, the movie Titanic.

Internationally obscure, pre-celebrity David Stuart moved here from Scotland two years ago and has been clawing his way towards success in the comedy scene. He made it to the grand final of the national RAW competition and was also voted as the Best Newcomer for the Upper North Island in 2022. 

David's comedy style has been described as "fabulous," "bawdy," "dynamic," and "distastefully funny." 

Cutting, but never mean. Bitchy, but always inclusive and supportive. David wants his audiences to leave a show feeling empowered, curious and laughing. 




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