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Lick Off My Tears, Death is Also Dying

L!CK Dance Theatre

Everything has crumbled.
The uneaten bread is lying in the wrong bin, crumbling.
This isn't irrelevant.
I remember that night in the land of your ghosts. It was all an illusion filled with passion and rage.

Why do I always feel like it's the end of the world?

“Lick Off My Tears, Death is Also Dying” will be a wild, confronting reflection of our system, and the values rooted deep within. It will pose the question,

What is it that we truly desire as humans?

Performed by three contemporary dance graduates and an actor, “Lick Off My Tears... .” will boldly expose how humans always want more, no matter how much they gain... !

Dance Music Improvisation Poetry Dance & Physical Theatre No Restrictions


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