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Manage Your Expectations

House of Sand

Part dance theatre, part live improvisation, part performative lecture. Manage Your Expectations takes the idea of the ‘trigger warning’ to its absurdist extreme using humour to question how ‘informed’ consent can really be and asking ‘How much do you really want to know?’

Created and performed by multi-award winning maverick of the stage Eliza Sanders, Manage Your Expectations helps us to see the limits of the power to communicate and our failures to say what we mean. Through a unique blend of dance, clown and absurd philosophising, performer and audience engage in a deeply imperfect exchange, musing on the influence of context, identity and personal history.

House of Sand’s signature melding of forms is back! - not quite dance, not quite theatre, but some secret third thing. Manage Your Expectations Is full of vigour and energy with a hint of confrontation and chaos this mind (and body) bending show.

*Content warning*

This show contains nudity and explicit content.

Content forecast: Mild Coarse Language, Heavy Nudity, Abortion

Dance Theatre Spoken Word/Storytelling Dance & Physical Theatre No Restrictions


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