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Hannah Doogan & Jackson Burling

Ever rented in Aotearoa? If yes, lucky YOU! If not, wow, you’re missing OUT! We all know flats in this country are clean, dry, affordable and safe right?... Right?! RIGHT??? Our super sunny central Wellington flat is looking for its fifth member, and for only $260 per week EXCLUDING EXPENSES you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Come to a viewing and see for yourself!

Based on real life experiences from some of the 1.4 million renters in this country, this political comedy promises to have you laughing, singing, and crying at the state of rentals, and wondering why, oh WHY, does nobody (looking at you GOVERNMENT) do anything about it.

Join Riley, Leo, DJ Stan and that Aussie guy (who viewed the flat over Skype and is about to arrive) in their quest to find a fifth flatmate to live in their quintessentially kiwi “Slice of Heaven”. Set in an actual flat, you’re invited to experience the joys of renting in Aotearoa first hand.

Featuring some of New Zealand’s favourite tunes, but with a twist, and a guest cameo performer as the EVIL landlord (watch this space). This new work from two of Wellington’s emerging artists Hannah Doogan and Jackson Burling will have you falling off your chair (because of laughter... not because it’s broken, not because there’s any structural problems with the integrity of the building).

So come along and view the flat of your dreams!

Accessibility at Inverlochy Art School is very limited. If you wish to attend a show but have questions regarding accessibility, please contact NZ Fringe first to discuss what is available.

Content forecast: PGR, Mild Coarse Language

Comedy Devised Music Theatre


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