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Warped Productions

From award-winning solo artist Em Barrett comes a new work in the style of Bouffon Clown: PURE GRIME. A twisted dark comedy from the perspective of a fly.

For too long humans have been stealing, swatting, and sweating on planet earth. Neglecting their role in the ecosystem and building their own self-pitying, oily global enterprise. All the while flies have been cleaning up their mess, literally! And all they get is a smack over the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Well one fly has had enough. Humans are finished.

Time for you to drop that wad of cash and hear the truth straight outta the fly’s proboscis.

Em Barrett is an award winning solo performer and writer. In 2022 she won the NZ Fringe Tour Ready Award for her quirky comedy, Community, directed by Sameena Zehra. For Fringe 2024 she is back with a fresh take on human existence; PURE GRIME. With support from Barbarian Productions’ head clown Thomas LaHood, this original comedy seeks to explore humanity’s relationship to death and decay; asking humans to question their own relationship to not only flies, but themselves.

An interactive, visceral, and thought-provoking work.

Creative Mentor and Dramaturg: Thomas LaHood
Performer and Writer: Em Barrett
Produced by Warped Productions

Content forecast: 16+, Flashing Lights, Medium Coarse Language

Comedy Clown Theatre


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