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Rat Tales!

Hootie-Patudi Productions

Ebby grew up on a farm. She has always enjoyed telling tales and spinning stories. She's been doing it for years at private events, around bonfires, on festival stages and at house parties. At this point, her friends have heard it all — and with their incessant nagging, she's finally putting a collection of stories together and welcoming in a new audience ... that's you!

This is story-telling to make you laugh, with elements of stand-up (she’ll be standing up) and the help of Technology (a projector). What’s Rodentistry? Calf Club, ever heard of it? The stories loosely follow Ebby's interactions with the Animal Kingdom (did you hear, she grew up on a farm?), including a reminder that, deep down, she's not that far removed from our chimp ancestors.

Comedy Spoken Word/Storytelling


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