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Sandwich Artist - Development Season

Squash Co. Arts Collective

The best new musical since sliced bread.

Lettuce. Sourdough. A bit of salami, or falafel if you’re that way inclined. Some bass. A good beat. A dream.

Sammy is a small town girl with big sandwich dreams. When she drops everything to move to Wellington and open her own restaurant, those dreams are tested to their limits. It’s hard to get by as an artist, and she’s going to need a lot of help from her friends.

Sandwich Artist is an original musical by Phoebe Caldeiro (Dr Drama Makes a Musical, When Booty Calls) and Jack McGee (Long Ride Home, Music Sounds Better Out Here). For this development season, we’ve condensed it into a single hour, bursting at the seams with energy, massive emotions, fresh spinach, and mayonnaise.

Come for a footlong, stay for some introspection. Culinary jokes aside, Sandwich Artist is a deeply sincere exploration of what it means to be a creative in Aotearoa. What are we doing with our lives? Our big sandwich dream is to try and figure that out through song and dance. No promises.

Comedy Music Theatre No Restrictions


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