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Ever feel like your bad decisions have the power to rip apart the fabric of reality, creating a metaphysical tear in time and space?

Musical comedian Troubadette is live from the Space Hole, wrestling with her life choices while singing about dismemberment, tentacles, and some guy’s dick.

In the 12th century, troubadours sang songs of chivalry to noble families. In the 21st century, Troubadette sings songs of bikini waxing, dismemberment, and some guy's dick to anyone who'll listen. Channeling the energy of a kindergarten teacher and the wisdom of your favourite wine aunty, Troubadette has been making musical mayhem across Aotearoa for over 20 years.

It’s taken far longer that it should have for Troubadette to start calling herself a comic, but she’s making up for lost time by making waves in the Ōtautahi comedy scene and beyond. Sugar sweet vocals and razor sharp lyrics combine to make memorable tunes you’ll wish you didn’t have stuck in your head during a staff meeting.

Content forecast: Mild Coarse Language, Mental Illness

Cabaret Music LGBTQIA+ Comedy
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