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The Cyranoid

Les Mécaniques

In an alternate 17th Century France, a group of human-robotic hybrids known as ‘The Mechanicals’ have been subjugated by the upper class and the government. Cyrano, an excellent poet, duellist, and the strangest of all Mechanicals, holds a curious rhythmic impediment – a clockwork heart that cannot bear the strains of love. Cyrano meets Christian, a brave human soldier, fresh to Paris. Cyrano’s childhood friend, and secret love, Roxane falls for Christian at first glance – however, he lacks the skill with words that Roxane seeks. Cyrano offers their skills as a wordsmith to Christian, as a way to express their own feelings for Roxane without posing a threat to their iron aorta. Meanwhile, tensions rise in France as revolution brews within.

Comedy Music Theatre LGBTQIA+ 13+


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