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The Myth-Adventures of Vincent Andrew-Scammell

Vincent Andrew-Scammell

Vincent Andrew-Scammell hasn’t found any success as an actor, it may just be that he is unlucky, or perhaps he is yet to find his muse, but most likely, he just isn’t very good. Regardless, he has come to the end of his tether.

But luckily he has a plan B.

It’s an ancient artefact that he purchased from Trade Me — A decanter of Dionysus. This object, if touched, is said to possess the wielder with the power of the nine muses. And with great power comes great theatre.  

Get ready to experience the might of the muses first-hand, whisking you away to the thrilling world of Greek Mythology.

Whether it is Hades sentencing you to an eternity in hell for still liking Eminem, or The Minotaur saying that he would love to go kayaking with you this weekend- the guarantee is something silly, playful, and heartfelt.

After all, who has time for a 3-year classics degree when you can pay a fraction of the price to watch a man prance around in a toga for 60 minutes?

Content forecast: 13+, Depictions of Violence

Comedy Theatre 13+


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