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What did you do in the War, Daddy?


"What did you do in the War, Daddy?"

A bombshell revelation triggers a father and son to conjure up their ancestors and confront them with hard questions. The past is relived in this attempt to face the corruptions of a family's moral fabric... Can it be restored?

For a young person, the title question raises an exciting expectation of distant stories of family heroics, adventure, bravery, and, in the telling, a feeling of historic pride and connection with ancestors. For a German to ask this question, it may take a lot more courage. How will they feel once they have their answers?

"How will this newly gained knowledge change us and alter our view of ourselves and our responsibilities towards the world?"

In this piece of poignant theatre, two actors invite and bring to life their ancestors to lay bare their story—the parts they played in the darkest hour of German history.

Content forecast: 13+, Flashing Lights, Mild Coarse Language, Depictions of Violence, Death, War, Racist Slurs, Aggressive Behaviour

Devised Theatre 13+


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